our guarantee to you

Quality Guarantee: When you purchase a pet product from Hyendry comfurt pet products, you will receive a 60 day guarantee/warranty on both the material and craftsmanship of that product.

If your product becomes defective within 60 days due to the materials used or the craftsmanship in making the product, all you have to do is contact us and send us the damaged product for either a replacement or a refund for the damaged product.

IMPORTANT: It will be at the discretion of Hyendry comfurt pet products and barefoot ventures whether you receive a replacement product or a refund of the particular damaged product in question.

This guarantee / warranty does NOT include damage to the product from owner neglect, pet damage or  the misuse of any of our products by using the product in a fashion it was not designed or made to be used for: examples:  playing tug of war with a clarion baton until it bends to the point it snaps, a feather cat teaser that is being used as a chew toy, etc and does not include any of our chew toys since those toys are intended to be chewed.

Return Policy: Due to the nature of our products and for the safety & health of our feline customers, our products can not be resold to other customers for use on their cats. Therefore, since our products cannot be resold once opened and exposed to other household pets, we do not accept returns on any product other than requests for replacements/refunds due to defect in materials or workmanship as outlined in our quality guarantee.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If buying a walking jacket, measure your cat accurately before placing your order so you will order the correct size as there will be no replacement or refunds on a walking jacket that is the wrong size due to inaccurate measurements..




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