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Set includes 1 rabbit fur cat toy, 1 sheep skin cat toy,

& 1 Fandangle cat toy - $13.58

while supplies last ~ limit one (1) set per order please



ONLY $12.00

24 inch X 16 inch carrier & crate pads

Choice of red, black, brown and lime green

choose your color




the 'instigator' cat teaser - $3.99

while supplies last ~ limit one (1) per order please



the 'dazzler' - $3.25

while supplies last ~ limit one (1) per order please

The 'dazzler' cat teaser wand is made up of brightly colored, 100% nylon tube ribbons which are wound and secured to a 12" wooden handle. Colors may vary




reversible winter jacket


quilted with coordinating fleece

only one (1) available - size small - $25.95

~ ready for immediate shipment ~



Mini Trophy award cat toy - ONLY 75 cents

while supplies last

What is an award toy? Many cats get frustrated after playtime with a feather teaser because they stalk and chase their "prey", but are never allowed to catch their prey and run off with it. This is where the Trophy award cat toy comes into play. When your game of "catch the prey" with your furbaby is over, simply toss this feather toy on the floor and let your cat take it and run off with it. Let them chew it, destroy it, have tons of fun with it. In this way, your cat has the satisfaction of actually catching their prey. The Hyendry Trophy award toy was not designed to be attached to a teaser wand. The Trophy award cat toy is made from all natural feathers and contain no dyes'. Click on the picture to enlarge view.


the 'Gift" walking jacket ~ size medium


choose with or without double lock



denim walking jacket ~ size large


choose with or without double lock




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