Hyendry walking jackets are the best walking jackets you can buy. Our walking jackets are NOT a cat harness which are made of cheap nylon straps. And, unlike a foreign, cheaply made, mass produced cat harness you can buy at a retail store, your cat will not be able to get out of our walking jackets if the correct size is purchased and it is put on your cat correctly.

We custom hand-craft every single walking jacket to order. Our walking jackets are made to our highest standards of quality & are hand-inspected before shipped to you. If you are looking for a quality walking jacket made in the United States with pride to exacting standards, then a Hyendry walking jacket is just what you are looking for.


If this assembly time is OK with you, click here to visit our walking jacket page.

If this wait time is too long, you can check back to find the new wait time status, or email us at  sales@hyendry.com  and we will let you know what our current wait time is. Thank you. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you